What students say

1. PolyU student at CUHK

It’s a very rare opportunity – you can learn outside of your own university.

2. HKUST student at HKU

We seldom have a chance to be exposed to knowledge like Humanities or Social Sciences. So, if I could join again, I think I would definitely choose this kind of course that could not be offered in my home institution.

3. PolyU student at HKU

Obviously, it is a chance for us to meet students from other universities. Actually, during the project, not only did we get to know each other but also the differences between the universities’ culture.

4. PolyU student at HKUST

… some of my friends are in HKUST. I come here for emotional connection with them. Besides that, I hope to know more about [learning] styles in HKUST.

5. HKU student at HKUST

I think that’s actually beneficial for us because even for the same type of course, say, like Introduction to Accounting, we actually have different professors using different materials and different course outlines. So, one of my group mates, we’re both taking Accounting courses and then we realized we have different assignments and exercises. So, we kind of exchanges on that. So, it’s kind of a benefit for us.

6. HKUST student at HKU

… the most important thing for me was the interaction with the students in HKU, I think. I think it’s a very valuable experience to interact with other institutions’ students.

7. HKUST student at HKU

I think this blended design is very engaging for students to learn as it tries to … initiate students to learn and try to develop themselves into the lectures.

8. PolyU student at HKU

… we’re from different universities and we may have different styles of learning or different styles of working. I would like to know more about different styles of doing things.

9. CUHK student at HKU

In Responsive4U, every university has their unique course.