1. Am I eligible to enrol in the shared GE course?

Students who are studying in a UGC funded programme in the four partner institutions are eligible to enrol in the designated courses offered under this project. For details, students shall refer to the further information as issued via the home institution. 

2. Who are the partner institutions?

The partners are The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

3. Will I get a student card from the host institution?

The host institution will NOT issue student card to incoming students.

4. Can I enjoy the sport facilities or any other services in the host institution?

You will only have minimal access to the facilities at the partner institutions. However, you may apply for a Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee (JULAC) Reader card to gain access to libraries in its member libraries. Please visit here for more details.

5. I am interested in the courses offered by different partner institutions. Can I take more than one course?

To maximise the coverage of the project, students are  allowed to enrol in a maximum of one course offered by partner institutions under this project.

6. Can I enrol in the course if there is a timetable clash?

Students should commit to attend all the face-to-face sessions. Please check the schedule of respective GE courses before enrolling in the course.

7. Can I drop the course?

You may drop the course during the add/drop period of the host institution. Late request will not be entertained.

8. When will the course start?

The course starts in accordance to the academic calendar of the host institutions. The course may start before the semester commencement in your home institution. Please visit the links below for the important calendar dates in each partner institution.





9. What to do if the final examinations offered by the host institution clashes with my other examinations in the home institution?

You should attend the final examination of the host institution and submit application for make-up examination in your home institution. You should check the examination timetable of the host institution for effective planning. You are required to follow the examination regulations of the host institution concerned. Please visit the websites below for more details.


CUHK: Registration and Examination Section, Registry

PolyU: Student Handbook (Chapter 5 Section E)

HKU: Examination Office

HKUST: Academic Regulations

10. When can I get my assessment results?

Assessment result will be released according to the pre-defined schedule of the host institution. A copy of official transcript will later be distributed to you through your home institution.

11. Can I appeal against the results of examinations?

If you wish to lodge a grade appeal in the course, you should submit an application in accordance with the regulations of the host institution concerned.

12. How will the host institution handle a misconduct or an academic dishonesty?

In the event of a misconduct or an academic dishonesty (e.g. plagiarism, cheating in examinations or other irregularities in the submission of assignments) recorded against the visiting / associate student, the case will be reported to the home institution concerned for proceeding.

13. How to apply for credit transfer?

You should comply with the application procedures of your home institution. Please consult your Faculty Office / the Registry for details.

14. Do I need to pay for taking a course offered by partner institution?

No, students enrolled in the course will be admitted to study at partner institution as visiting/associate students with fees waived.